Indodax Fees and Security Fees

Deposit is free at Indodax.Moreover, Indodax does not charges online Deposit fees.  But, different fees will be charged when using the Virtual Account method.

Wait for atleast 10-30 minutes until your coin arrives in your Indodax account.This is to ensure that no one other than yourself executes any transaction.[Audit USDC Third Report Of Circle Releasing] Overall, the exchange is good and it offers both web and mobile application.But it charges different withdrawal fees for different coins like example for bitcoin it is 0.0005 BTC.It targets mostly indonesian users.After that, enter the amount of Rupiah.To buy Bitcoin by instan method, click “Market/Instan”.For example: 1Gxdy6sBiFHJjsskmJ14QSH9STPDxvr8JR

Copy the address to your wallet and then send the amount of Bitcoin you want to deposit to that address.Then click “Bitcoin“.For sell Bitcoin by instant methods , click “Market/instan”.And enter the price.[News December 2018 Bitcoin Summary 24 8211]

.Enter the bitcoin amount you wish to send to your personal wallet.You can scan the QR Code on the right to make it more simpler for you to send Bitcoin from your smartphone wallet.


Indodax offers following types of security : 2FA (two-factor authentication), email and SMS-verification.Then  click “sell Bitcoin”.Then Click ‘Send’ and click on the confirmation link which is sent to your e-mail.[More For 8211 Users Exchange Fast 038 Crypto Review Bitit]

In few minutes Bitcoin will arrive on your wallet and minimum amount to send is 0.001 BTC.And for the withdrawal the limit equivalent to 200.000.000 IDR a day.Indonesia being its primary target, the platform is worth being the investment.

Latest updates and announcements

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Latest News
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Ask us a question!What is your opinion on Indodax reviews? Share your thoughts in our comments section. Share your views on our Twitter and Facebook pages.Enter your bitcoin address, and your Google Authenticator PIN or SMS PIN.The platform is user-friendly with good security.Your BTC balance will be shown automatically in your account.

Indodax Trade

Click “Marketplace” to Buy Bitcoin.Once your order has been fulfilled you can see bitcoin balance on your account has increased.[November 2018 Bitcoin News 5 8211 Summary]

Deposit and withdrawal Deposit

After successful Login, Click ‘Financial’ tab, choose the coin you wish to deposit.Once the order has been fulfilled the your Rupiah balance will be increased.

You will find a Bitcoin address that is generated for you and can be used multiple times.So here we brought you review of Indodax exchange which consist of all the necessary information a user needs like general information, Trading, fees and security.After that, enter the amount of bitcoin and enter the price.For foreigners, the maximum withdrawal per day is equivalent to 5.000.000 IDR.[Cryptocurrency Exchanges 2019 UK Of Top]

Moreover, currently  the platform 24-hr trading volume is $4,191,204 and ranks 97th in the Coinmarketcap.Moreover, the platform offers many cryptocurrencies apart from bitcoin and also accepts fiat trading.indodax

Indodax is one of the most popular and trusted cryptoexchange in indonesia and it is making it’s mark in the crypto world.The security here is pretty good in accordance with industry standards.[With Shingo Lavine Interview CEO Ethos Changelly]


Click ‘Deposit/Withdraw Bitcoin’ on the ‘Financial‘ and follow the instructions.Also, the platform charges 0%  as maker fee and 0.3% as taker fee.

Final Verdict

Indodax is a largest crypto currency exchange platform in Indonesia.Also, read the reviews of some more exchange sites.

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For deposit/ withdrawal of rupiya Indodax charges 1% fees.You can also trade Bitcoin to other digital assets such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, DASH, Ripple, Stellar, XEM, NXT, Bitshares and many more for free.

So lets us look at Indodax- Indonesia digital asset exchange.[Purse Reasons 10 To Top Use]

Indodax Review

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What is Indodax ? 

Indodax is an crypto exchange, which came into existence in 2013 and is headquartered in Indonesia.

Similarly, to sell coin, Click “Marketplace”.With more than a million users , the platform offers you to trade your Bitcoin with Rupiah.Then click “Bitcoin“.It is the largest crypto currency exchange in Indonesia.[Blockchain Join Amazon Forces Will ]
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