Agate ICO Roadmap

Agate ICO Roadmap

Isn’t it great? It has a great overview of project phases.

Agate ICO Products

Agate ICO Products

Pricing and Bonuses

As mentioned at the beginning of a review, Agate ICO is giving you a discount on pre-sales that started on August 21, 2018 and will end on November 15, so make sure you place these dates in your schedule because you do not want to forget that you were once interested in this ICO, but forgot to come back to it later to gather some more information.For that reason, there is another thing we will highlight right now! Why so many ICOs have bonuses? Just read it fast and then go to the sale process and team & advisors overview to look for our opinion on them.[Review ICO Agate]

As said before, you should definitely join the whitelist.The thing is, if they do gather 2,000,000 USD they will continue with the project (remember that they have a beta version).

Here is the token structure (screenshot from their whitepaper).If you will want some more information about them, you can visit their LinkedIn profile.[Safe Practices SIP ICO]

Agate ICO is most likely to gather much more than the soft cap.That is kinda interesting.Agate ICO Review

Agate ICO Review

Let us just tell you something very important to save your precious time.You will be paying in cryptocurrency, but you will not feel the difference! Read more about iFiat Ecosystem in their whitepaper, as well, we promise you will be delighted with it! (Make sure you use the link from our webpage to make sure you are on the real Agate webpage.)

Read more about the quality and potential of their solutions at the end of an article, but make sure you do not miss other important information that we will list you in the following text of this review.[Are That Bitcoin Predictions True Now Coming Right Top]

Agate ICO bonus program is divided into 5 stages.They have their own wallet app that will accept much more different currencies than it is possible with already existing wallets.This is not what every ICO does.After reading some other key elements of this ICO, you will understand why is that so.That might be annoying sometimes, so we are delighted with their wallet idea.Let us first see the roadmap to see how (and when) will they finish their solution, and then move to token analysis.The main cryptoeconomy problems are high transaction fees, but Agate is not focusing just on that problem (as you have already noticed, almost every ICO offers a solution for fee problems).This is what we were talking about earlier.For that reason, we will show you the very important reason why they have such a discount.The hard cap is not that high, so they might even go above that limit if they would like to, but it’s obvious that they will not change the fundraising goal.With the pre-sale process that lasts for 30 days and the token sale with 30 days, as well, there are no doubts that this ICO won’t gather soft cap.

When it comes to funding distribution, it is interesting (indeed) that this ICO finds that marketing and PR are as important as research and development.Let’s take a quick look at a user and merchant-facing solutions and then we will tell you our conclusion about them.That is if you are not a citizen of UR or Singapore because their citizens cannot actually participate.Well, that is actually very interesting, isn’t it?

Agate ICO Token Distribution

Agate ICO Token Distribution


Sure.However, it’s not surprising.However, the funny thing is that Agate has 116 subscribers.In general, no.The thing is that they have two videos (each has a length of an hour in average), and the sum of 112 views together (for both videos in total).Of course, that is not the case.There are 16 team members! Again, if you like to meet them closely before deciding to make an investment, visit their LinkedIn profiles, but make sure to first visit their website (you have the link at the top of this page) and then to search for their LinkedIn profiles from Agate’s webpage to make sure that both, the website and the LinkedIn profiles are from the real ICO, to not jump into any kind of traps from the third side.It is not wise to not take that chance.[XRP Review Wallets 2019 Best] 

Perhaps the most interesting innovative solution is Agate debit card that will be accepted in over 30,000,000 stores worldwide.If that is the case, go through some other ICO reviews at our ICOs section to see if there is anything interesting for you there.This project really has the potential to be something big judging only by their team experience and solution, especially if we include the factor of hype in the media.When it comes to the token sale, it starts the day after pre-sale ends and will last until 15 November 2018, which is again the whole month.If you like you can subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you get our reviews of the best ICOs available in the right time).This way Agate Ecosystem has multiple revenue streams to ensure that you have a continuous value-added token.They are very much experienced, so we bet you will be thrilled! Just wait to see their hype because they have about 40% tokens that go for MR and marketing! That is truly interesting, and we are giving you our opinion on that, so stay tuned.

The conclusion for the roadmap is that it is designed really great, which means they have the great website managers in their team who have just thought of all necessary to make great ICO, including the website of course.There is nothing more frustrating (unless the long waiting for the transaction on some platforms).If we would like to summarize all the solutions, they would be as follows: user-facing app, smartbot-AI optimal trading, a merchant-facing app, an API platform, stable coin, plugins, a physical Point of Sale (POS) terminal and debit withdrawal capabilities.For more information visit, their Agate webpage linked in the top corner of this page to make sure you avoid any chances to run into a scam website (do that with every ICO you want to explore more).[September Market Bitcoin ATM Dynamics 2018]

Finally, the conclusion of the solutions! The greatest solution is multi-currency wallet app that will allow managing up to 17 different coins and tokens from different blockchains.

Agate ICO Home Page

Agate ICO Home Page


Agate ICO solves the cryptoeconomy problems, user-facing problems, and merchant-facing problems.When it comes to Agate, we found a funny situation.The price of AGT tokens is 1,00 ETH for all exchange orders, for any trades, and exchanging cryptocurrency to and the iFiat token is free.Agate ICO will not allow new coins to be mined after the crowd sale.[Price 38 4 Weekly Week Analysis 2019]

They will have blockchain with instant settlement speeds that will make Agate currency practical and the transactions will be very fast.But does it mean Agate is really great ICO and if so, is the reason for the great hype or something else? If it’s not that great, why not? Let’s see ICOs presence in the social networks and engaged members (e.g.It is interesting that there will be some form of the physical card that will allow us to pay in stores just as any other fiat debit card, which will certainly make Agate cryptocurrency to spread worldwide in an easy way, and which will affect the value of tokens.Rizvandi worked in great companies such as Google (Samaneh), Dell (Smith), and Freelancer platform (Nikzad).

General information about Agate ICO

Agate is blockchain platform for instant payment without volatility risk to mainstream crypto adoption, and have already raised over 1 million USD from initial investors.[October 8211 22 Summary 2018 News Bitcoin]

Agate ICO Hype in the Media

Agate ICO Hype in the Media


First, let’s see Agate Community on Telegram.However, when it comes to the roadmap, to be more specific, Agate wrote the exact date when something happened in the past with their project, and for those things that are still to happen in the future, they just wrote in which months of the next year, it will happen.There are six of them (the picture below).At least if you look at the percentages in the right corner of the picture above.At least this seems this way for us.ICOs with this kind of advisors have usually the most success in ICO.In January 2018, they tested Agate blockchain, in March released beta app version, and in May 2018, they announced the whitelist and started with EOI private invest.Now the question is if that is the reason for their high hype? Our sincere opinion is that partially, yes.We removed some information from the screenshot because we already mentioned them multiple times, but if you like to see more check their whitepaper.

Agate ICO Team

Agate ICO Team

Agate Investor

Agate ICO has many investors, and all of them are very important in the blockchain industry (well, most of them actually).[Guide 124 2019 BitFlyer Review Exchange]

Agate ICO Advisors

Agate ICO Advisors

Even though this is great ICO, we did not really expect a huge number of team members (at least not more than 10 of them listed on the website).It means they pay attention to inform their investors in the best possible way to prevent misunderstandings or need to hurry with finishing some parts of their project because they listed it on the webpage, but are unable to finish them within that deadline.As you can see from the roadmap, they had 1,400,000 USD from investors before the token sale, and the ICO fundraising goal is actually not that big compared to their elements we have just analyzed in this review.That is of things they already made.Still, it is not a proof that it will work, so let’s see about team members and their experience.Even though ICOs usually are not active on YouTube we like to see how’s the situation there when it comes to ICO that we are exploring.As said earlier, team, advisors, hype and the roadmap is actually great.The other thing is that Agate ICO has a great discount on pre-sales, so make sure to read carefully this review to make sure you are familiar with the eventual existing risks of Agate ICO and the existing advantages that could make this ICO a big thing. 

Agate ICO already has the beta version of the solution and a bunch of impressed users, so take your time and look at our opinion of their potential.

The post Agate ICO Review appeared first on Crypto Trading Reviews.[To Trades Partners Insurer Its Secure With Doubly An]

On a pre-sale, you can get up to 25% discount with the minimum investment of 0,1 ETH! (Read until the end of the review to see more about token prices.) Usually bonuses are much lower, but in this case, they are above 20%, which might be surprising if this is the only information you have about this ICO.For legal and compliance there is 5%, as well as for unforeseen events, ant operation and admin gets 10%.

The great thing about this ICO is that you can read their whitepaper not only on English but it is available for download (from the link of their webpage above) on French, Chinese, Spanish, and Russian, which will help you get better understanding of the whitepaper if you are born is some of these countries. 


The fact is that we could make the whole article just for analyzing their solution, but instead we will just take a quick overview (we have done full analysis from the whitepaper to check the solution but will show you only our conclusion and the solution description in few words).[Review 1xBit]

Agate ICO Investors

Agate ICO Investors


Great Hype in the Media and Publicity

Agate is interesting because it has listed every media supporter that has covered this ICO in some way at their webpage.

We will not be saying too much about them now, but here is the picture to help you get the better perspective of them.What is most important to highlight at the very beginning is that Agate has a whitelist so you should definitely join as soon as possible.On YouTube.Still, for now, there are only the biggest currencies available on their token, so you should wait for ICO to end and finish their wallet options to use all the benefits.To make team review short and clear, let’s not spend too many words for things you can later explore yourself.It seems like everyone who watched the video made a subscription, plus 4 people who didn’t even seen the videos.[The Will Help Blockchain Poor How]

Token Structure and Sale Process

Pre-sale ends on October 14, 2018.That is not bad actually.Some of them are not that big but most of them are, and as soon as we saw their investors, we knew this ICO is one of those serious ICOs from whom we can actually really expect some change in the blockchain.

Agate ICO Token Structure

Agate ICO Token Structure

Team and Advisors

We will make a fast overview of advisors and then skip to team members.[Inside ASICs GPUs The 8211 Vs Rig]

Let us see advisors first.In our humble opinion, this is ICO that we were waiting for a long time, and are proud to be among the first to make the review on them.

This is the stage in which you can see why they have a low soft cap and why is there such high hype.They have really good hype and other elements, so don’t be afraid of their potential.Time is money, right? Well, if you agree on that then you will find few next lines disturbing.They have an exact number of 100,000 members! If you do not have Telegram yet, you must register as soon as possible, not just for this ICO but in general.When it comes to Agate ICO, it has bonuses, but most importantly, they have all the necessary information available at this very moment, almost a month before the pre-sale!! Therefore, there is no actual reason to invest after the pre-sale and miss great bonuses.For these two goes about 80% of funds.That is actually a great and still very simple illustration of their plans.[Blockchain And Devices]

The other important network is Twitter and there are about 14 thousand followers, besides the Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Bitcoin talk etc.Because we care for you as our webpage visitor.Considering the fact that now the limit is six different coins and tokens on some wallets, this solution is really great.However, let’s go back to their hype.Agate ICO thinks the biggest cryptoeconomy problem is lack of reliable infrastructure for building DApp or DAO for programmers and higher adoption of cryptocurrencies in businesses worldwide.The 25% discount is big and if you would make conclusions about this ICO based only at this information you would probably dismiss the whole ICO idea because it is a bit weird to have 25% bonus constantly for 30 days.They started MVP development in November 2017, mobile app alpha version in December 2017 (this is where they got 1,000,000 USD from a private investor).As you can see, the pre-sale will last for almost a whole month.Unfortunately, if you are from US or Singapore, you cannot participate in this ICO (which is actually a silly restriction..That would be a missed opportunity, right? We are not here to tell you to invest in Agate ICO but to remind you of some common mistakes that many people do when thinking of investing in cryptocurrencies.Later in this review you will see that Agate ICOs’ investors are actually very important in crypto market and will have the better understanding why were initial investors interested in Agate ICO before initial coin offering (that starts in 20 and something days from now, or to be more precisely, token sale starts on August 21, 2018.Well, have you ever been in a situation that after many hours (or days) investing in ICOs research and reading on tons of reviews and research on ICOs blockchain problems, you’ve been excited by the excellent bonus and quality of ICOs, and then after clicking ” invest ” or  button in order to invest in ICO, you suddenly figured out that your country can not participate in ICO? Well, we have been in that situation.Let’s just make a quick overview.There should be because we publish only the best ICOs to give you a place where you can search the best ICO’s reviews of all kind.Then you click the invest button and realize that the discount offer is just finished a day or two before.

Agate ICO Solutions

Agate ICO Solutions

They have the solution to every problem that is highlighted in the previous section.Just remember the description of Agate platform solution we have described above.In order to read more on Agate webpage, we suggest using the link of their webpage from our page because you want’ to make sure you have the right link (not the copy of it which will make your investment if you decide to do it, to be stolen).They are all from different fields, so they are a nice combination for this kind of ICO.[10 Games Top Ethereum]

We are just telling you this to make sure you save your time.Advisors and partners will get 5% of tokens and for bounty, airdrop, and referrals there are 5%, as well.Agate ICO developed the Agate iFiat Ecosystem that will enable availability of all funds immediately, which will improve the number of merchants/businesses that use crypto.Then you realize that it is actually a promising ICO and you decide to make that risk (even though it is not that much risky after you understand all ICO elements of Agate).

.Stage 1 is a 25% discount, stage 2 is a 20% discount, and each other stage lowers for 5%, so at the fifth stage, the discount will be just 5%.[Explained Ethash]

Well, we guess you know the answer, but still… the reason is because at the very beginning ICO cannot provide all information to the potential investors, which makes investing in them a bit risky, so in order to make you support their project, they offer you some bonuses for purchase before the actual token sale when they have more information to make investors more comfortable about the whole ICO thing.You will find it very useful and it’s just that you shouldn’t invest without having at least the Telegram account in order to have the better ‘’sense’’ of what some particular ICO is doing and how it acts on the market.The next thing is pre and public sale, and in the first few months of 2019, they will have a smart contract and will develop app plugins for WooCommerce.

Agate ICO Token Economic

Agate ICO Token Economic

Most tokens are offered to the crowd, 15% are reserved for Agate ecosystem and 10% for the Team.These are all things that you might dismiss on the first sight because it seems a bit unrealistic, but if you put more effort in due diligent, you will see that it is actually all for good reasons.Check yourself on their social networks to get the better sight on them.Therefore, they started in February 2017 and by December, they had 1,480,000 USD gathered investments from private investors.This ICO, in our opinion, has great solutions, and cannot wait to use some of them after the ICO is over.It is interesting that the soft cap is actually very low, so the question is how will they succeed this project if they accumulate just about 8,26% of fundraising goal? Well, probably the statement that ‘later’ you will see why there is such a bonus discount just came to your mind.What we did not mention in the problem section, one of the main problems for businesses is slow transaction settlements.[Schedule New Fee]


First, take a look at the next picture.Instead, they took their time to do what has to be done peacefully and with the maximum quality.We will just post you a screenshot of the most important parts from the table of contents (check them in whitepaper) to get the better understanding of all solutions.

We actually do not see such a good media coverage with any ICO as with this one.Let’s just move to Hamed Taghvaei, co-founder and CEO, Hamid Ostad and Ali Dorri as co-founders, as well.That is even before the release of the beta app version (which happened in March 2018).At the middle and end of 2019, they will have multi-currency and multi-language option and Agate banking license.  We have talked more about these solutions at the beginning of the review so we won’t be repeating them here but if there is something you don’t understand about them just scroll up to go through it again.Well, to be honest, we do not know what we could conclude from this but that it looks like everyone thought that they are so interesting that they decided to follow them.It’s not that they can develop the solution both, with just 8% of funding goal or 100% in total, but it means that they have had a great success with investors so far (refers to the time before ICO).Main user-facing problem is slow transaction speed, and the need for different wallets in order to manage different tokens, and merchant-facing problem is lack of knowledge from business owners of which currency they should accept and most importantly, even those businesses that would like to accept crypto as a payment method not just from customers but suppliers, too, cannot do that because the other side of business chain doesn’t use cryptocurrency.When it comes to cryptoeconomy problems, their fees are much lower, and the Agate API Suite will help programmers to improve their own solutions and thus improve the cryptoeconomy.In our opinion, they would be fools to not announce their quality in the media in such a way.Telegram etc.) and the roadmap to try to find the answers to these questions.[Purse With Experience Data Mastering The]

Agate ICO Conclusion

After reading the conclusion do not make your decision of investing immediately but we strongly recommend you to first visit Agate ICO’s whitepaper, just to make sure you have a better understanding of what services you can expect from Agate in the future.At this moment, AGT price is 0,076 USD.<

For everyone else who is still with us on this ICO, let’s look at some general information about Agate and then move to the existing blockchain problem and ICOs’ problem solution and then move to the most interesting thing, the Agate ICO bonuses, and sale process! We warmly suggest you to not skip any part of this review because you could miss some important information that would make you miss this ICO.Third, Agate ecosystem can be integrated with every business (both, in-store and online) and last but not least, they have Proof of Stake that improves PoW and makes the mining process with a lower impact on the environment.What do you think? (If you like, you can participate in the ICOs forum on our webpage)

Token & Funding Distribution

There is 318,500,000 AFT available for sale, with the minimum contribution of 0,1 ETH, which is about 60 USD, and the maximum contribution of 100 ETH (1 AGT equals 0,076 USD).We are sorry for that..Do not invest before understanding the Agate case!

Agate has 318,500,000 AGT token supply, 24,206,000 USD (fiat) hard cap, and 2,000,000 USD (fiat) soft cap.(By the way, you can log in with Facebook and Twitter profile after registering.)

Until today (3 days before pre-sale stage 1 ends) Agate ICO gathered 1,230,285$, which is very close to 2 million USD soft cap, and there are a few months of token sale ahead of Agate ICO so they will definitely achieve their hard cap.[And Without Ange With Socceroos]

As we saw that they have great team and advisors, investors, and hype, we should check why so many people are interested in them.Brandon Smith, Samaneh Movassahi, and Nikzad B.You do not have to be an expert to see that this is some of greatest upcoming ICOs on the market right now, and this will surely continue until the end of ICO (and after).(Btw, public sales have no discount, in case someone is asking.)

Agate ICO Private Token Sale

Agate ICO Private Token Sale

Now imagine you think whether to invest in Agate and leave the decision to incubate for a few days/weeks..
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