Most investors are more comfortable dealing with a regulated sector than one that is not.This is another reason that would make most investors to prefer STOs to ICOs.[2019 IOTA Summit Research]

Securities Tokens Are KYC/AML Compliant

Know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) protocols are not an issue with STOs.Furthermore, investors also enjoy a high level of indemnity.

Cryptocurrencies were initially designed to allow anonymous transactions.[Is Out Monthly 10 Issue Aragon]

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Lack Of Recover Feature In Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have become so popular in the last few years and many businesses are now accepting them as a form of payment.There are various ways to calculate a security’s intrinsic value that include discounted cash flow, residual income method, and the dividend discount method among others.Businesses that tokenize early will have an advantage over those who join the sector later.However, unlike the ICO tokens, securities tokens have an intrinsic value.However, the technology has continued to gain more areas of application and has even given rise to security and asset-backed tokens.However, many Crypto enthusiasts know the risks of losing access to their digital wallets.This has prompted the regulators to come down hard on the new fundraising methods.

Apart from reducing the risk, securities tokens give the investors a significantly greater value.Although many exchanges have already complied, it remains a big challenge where wallet addresses are anonymous.[SEC Regulate ICOs International Supports Cooperation To]

Regulators Are Comfortable With Security Token Offerings (STO)

Most blockchain-based startups have turned to Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) to raise the required capital to start their businesses.Moreover, a tokenize ecosystem enables businesses to raise the required capital fast.

Traditionally, blockchain has mainly been used in Cryptocurrencies.Security tokens are associated with benefits such as voting rights, dividends, and profit sharing among others.[Price 38 4 Weekly Week Analysis 2019]

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Companies seeking to benefit from STOs only need to achieve compliance with regulations at both the local and international levels.However, such benefits are subject to confirmations, checks, and balances.Virtual currencies lack fund recovery feature making them unfavorable in the investment arena.[Pay Review ICO FX]

STOs shareholders do not have to worry about recovering their funds, especially when dealing with properly constructed STOs.However, there have been complaints that most ICOs have not lived up to their promise.Such firms can reissue the tokens to the investors.Consequently, most of the products that were introduced in the early years did not follow KYC/AML protocol.Most companies offering security tokens are familiar with KYC/AML requirements and have no difficulty in ensuring they are followed.Investors are more likely to invest in projects that provide value at present than those that whose value will be determined after a later date.

STOs Have An Intrinsic Value

ICOs only represent a future access to the products or services of the firm issuing the tokens.When you buy securities token, it has its value.[ Forces Join Will Blockchain Amazon]

.Luckily, most STOs are compliant with the legal requirements.Some experts are optimistic that the security tokens will grow to become a multitrillion-dollar market and even replace Cryptocurrencies as the most popular assets on blockchain.Sophisticated investors prefer such investment opportunities, as they are more transparent and efficient.This has seen many investors lose millions of dollars in such projects.However, regulators around the world are determined to stop the use of virtual currencies in money laundering.This reduces the likelihood of conflicts between token holders, companies issuing the tokens, and the regulators.
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