Money Forward, a publicly traded Japanese company has announced that it will be launching a Cryptocurrency exchange in the country next year.The Tokyo-headquartered firm now has nine subsidiaries and seven offices in the country.The nation has one of the largest Cryptocurrency markets in the world.The name of the exchange has yet been disclosed.Money Forward Me is a personal financial management service by this company.The company’s representatives have said that the exchange will be linked to this service.

The company has faced various challenges during the registration process according to its president, Junichi Kanda.During the press, Yamane Hidero, the FSA inspector, was announced as the company’s internal control department head.[Proof Of Concept PharmaChain]

.Recently, the country revised Payment Services Act which introduced a clause requiring the Cryptocurrency exchanges to register with FSA.Many Crypto and blockchain-based country have already moved to the country.Some of the products provided by this firm include financial services portal and automatic savings app.The company has released a few details about the project.(TYO: 3994), which is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.Was established in 2012.The company was listed on the country’s stock exchange last year.[Payments TRON Blockchain Merchants Launching And TRX For]

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Money Forward Financial Inc.Financial Services Agency (FSA), the agency in charge of regulating the virtual currency sector in Japan has not yet granted any Crypto trading platform a license.[Market ATM 2018 Dynamics October Bitcoin]

Cryptocurrency Regulation In Japan


Japan has one of the most Crypto friendly policies in the world.Three other exchanges have been allowed to operate while awaiting the final decision from the regulator.

Japan has emerged as an important Cryptocurrency hub.He added that he is optimistic that they will get a trading license and launch their exchange before the end of March 2019.[Plans Fork March For To Monero In Resistance ASIC]

Kanda also revealed that his company has been in close talks with FSA.Will be launching a Cryptocurrency exchange in Japan between January and March next year.Is a subsidiary of Money Forward Inc.According to its website, this product has around 7 million users.

Money Forward To Get Into The Crypto Space

Money Forward Financial Inc.The users also have access to payroll, invoicing, return, accounting, and information management system.Since then, the agency has not awarded any company a license.[Market PDF Token Of The With State]

About Money Forward

Money Forward Inc.The firm has said that initially, the exchange will support three coins.In a press conference, the senior executive revealed that it has been a challenge in dealing with the Financial Services Agency (FSA).According to the company’s representatives, the exchange will first support BCH, ETH, and BTC.So far, the agency has registered 16 operators.He added that in the beginning, the process was “relatively light.” However, after hacking cases emerged at the start of this year, the regulator tightened the evaluation of Cryptocurrency exchanges.The government has been working around the clock to put in place regulations that will protect the interest of the investors while at the same time supporting the young industry.
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