“It is very difficult to win a major.Will it be done? I don’t think so.And it is about time.I don’t think they are going to stop the crime‚ I’m sad to say.GP & Tiger

“It would inspire black people here across Africa and the world.To win Wimbledon‚ you only need to beat seven players‚” Player said.[Safe Practices SIP ICO]

Player believes grassroots golf is strong in this country and that amateur participation is greatly encouraged by tournaments like this week’s BMW GCI.

“It is pointless taking land away and not working it.[Best Online Bitcoin Wallets 5]

“We have to make South Africa safe.He’d make so much money he wouldn’t count it.

Some may dismiss it as the self-righteous ramblings of an octogenarian but the country’s most celebrated golfer wants to see a black South African scale golf’s highest peaks in the way Tiger Woods did.You have to beat 156 competitors.Player also wants crime in this country be addressed more aggressively so that 15 million tourists can visit these shores on an annual basis.[Brings Cryptojacking Your To Criminals PC How Millions]

“To have a black champion‚ like a Tiger Woods of South Africa‚ can be done‚” said Player.That’s why I’m so desperate to see Tiger play well‚” said Player after stepping off the course at Pezula where the BMW Golf Cup International (BMW GCI) was played this week.

Asked which South African would next win a major Player was a little coy before reminding that Louis Oosthuizen was the country’s top-ranked player.[Stablecoins The For Case]

The garrulous Player then turned to land reform.

“I’m all in favour of black people being given land.If I don’t have a job I’m also going to steal.We have the climate‚ the food.[Toast Set Wallet How Up To For The XRP]

Equally‚ he is not overly concerned that country has not produced a major winner since Ernie Els’s victory in the Open in 2012.


Player concedes that he is not aware of an up-and-coming local golfer who can make that dream a reality before reminding “you need to dedicate yourself to the sport or you won’t be a superstar”.

He then drifted slightly off script.We are increasing our population.I am saying he doesn’t putt as well as he should.People aren’t scared to commit a crime.[Bitcoin Musk Least Than In At Elon Richer Be May You]

Apart from seeing a black champion emerging from the tip of Africa‚ Player feels equally passionate about not giving tourists reasons to stay away.

“He‚ in my opinion‚ probably has the finest swing of anyone in South Africa.If someone said to me ‘would you train two young black men to be farmers?’ I’d say‚ ‘with pleasure’.[2019 News February 8211 4 Bitcoin Summary]

“When I talk to businessmen around the world they say ‘Sorry‚ we don’t want to come.’ They say it’s not safe.It can be done.“I wish I was black and did what I did.I’m not saying he’s a bad putter.Look at the state Zimbabwe is in because they ran out of food.Isn’t that an example for us to look across our border and see what is happening but we don’t.”

.That would have been something‚” said the man ironically also referred to as the Black Knight.

“I want to see 15 million tourists.

Never one to be caught short‚ at the ripe old age of 83 Gary Player has two dreams.[Price 38 4 Weekly Week Analysis 2019]

“I don’t want to criticise anyone but I never hear government ministers talking about crime.I’m not going to kill‚” said Player.

“We’ve got wonderful people and infrastructure that is magnificent.Farmers are being killed‚ people are being killed left‚ right and centre.[REBIRTH COUNTRY CLUB OF THE SOWETO]
Source: https://garyplayer.com/gary-player-wants-a-black-south-african-tiger-woods/

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