The employment rate tanked in Spain in 2008 due to the destroyed temporary job market.

Once you have maxed out your emergency fund, do not stop saving money.Amazon’s growth is hard to believe.You are going to need it to determine whether or not you can survive a recession.They are genuinely interested for the building/district to be completed — otherwise, they’d have to sell it at a massive loss.[Scam Robot Beware Of]

Real estate

Type of investment.If you see the downward trend in all three markets — that’s a dead giveaway of an economic crisis.

The housing market crashed during the economic crisis in Turkey, but it is slowly recovering.[Review 1xBit]

Profitable? No.See the notes and action items below regarding this conversion run.Not only with those 300 USD/month, you’ll make there, but with the overall sense of financial stability, it will provide.You can also use specialised portals — like Indeed.com and its local versions.

Seseña — a construction project in Spain, abandoned due to an economic crisis of 2009.[Meeting Modi Telangana At Public Addresses Mahbubnagar PM]

How to pay off debts early and efficiently

An average UK citizen is 8 000 GBP in debt — including credit cards, mortgage, car payments, credit cards, student debt etc.Seasonal changes, the cost of oil, local regulations and dozens of other factors can impact the price of gas the same way a recession would.

    Cryptocurrency is volatile.If your bank goes bankrupt on your deposit, you might not see it again for years — or at all.[EToro Update21022019 Daily]

    How to check it.It’s not even that bad — an average American owes 67 000 USD.Bankers usually know about an incoming crisis before the rest of the population — after all, it’s their job.

    Why invest in cryptocurrency during a recession

    Cryptocurrency was created in 2008 as an alternative to the fiat economy.Investors stop giving money to the building companies and the housing market freezes because they have no need in the objects they can’t sell.Since big-time investors have better information channels than the general public, they usually redirect funding before you even know something is wrong.[Way Easy Cryptocurrency Tracking Of]

    To purchase stock, you need an online brokerage firm.Such accounts have lower interest rates — but those rates weren’t any good to begin with.To do so, they give away most of that money as credit — preferably to many different debtors to minimise the risks.With crypto, all transfers take less than ten minutes — and that’s on a busy day. Cryptocurrency is profitable.Vanguard is a total index market fund.Which means layoffs, cut hours and even corporate bankruptcy.It may be quickly forgotten, but everyone that purchased crypto before November 2017 is in the green — and is only getting richer.Unless you are in it for the long game and can wait for a decade or two, even bank deposits are more profitable than gold.

    One of these assets is cryptocurrency.If you bought at the spike — i.e.The last couple of years have been hard on gold, with it barely retaining value.Enterprises use cardboard boxes to store their produce, so if the sales of the cardboard boxes drop, then enterprises are reducing or stopping production.In other words, you, along with many other people, may lose your income source.[2018 8211 Summary News Bitcoin 8 October]

    How to determine monthly expenses

    Write your expenses down and separate them into three columns:

      Fixed is for all expenses that have a fixed cost.Working construction or HR — aim for 12 minimal monthly budgets.

    FACT: 61% of American families have an emergency fund of $1000 or less.Further adjustments are definitely possible, but require additional information about their financial and living situation.

    Why you should trust it.See the list of sovereign defaults on Wikipedia and sort by date.[January Wirex At]

    Benefits.You should subtract from it a 20% basic UK tax rate, bringing your net income to 1800 GBP.

    How it works.It is by far the best way to gain passive income and eventually phase out the need to work a job entirely.Just show up at the bank, open an account, give them the money — and you are an investor.[101 Shop Purse On To How]

    Amount of money in the emergency fund with 1.3% annual interest, USD Weekly savings 6 months 1 year 2 years 3 years 5 years

























    How large should an emergency fund be

    An emergency fund should not grow indefinitely — that would be counterproductive and result in missed income opportunities.However, investments take time, and not all of them are successful or safe.

    Profitable? Maybe.Even one of them becoming abandoned before completion is a warning sign.Although, there has been good progress in this field — like cryptocurrency cards.

Name Type Interest acquired between Aug 2017 and 2018 Safety rating Recommendation Cryptocurrency Ownership 50% ★☆☆ Yes

At the end of the day, it’s up to you whether or not you want to invest in cryptocurrency.However, storing large amounts of cash in your home is not a good idea.There are two ways to do so:

    By the lowest amount of money owed.House owners catch wind that their investment is unaffordable to the population and drop the prices too, to recuperate at least some losses.[101 On To How Purse Shop]

    Here’s an example list of expenses for a single New Yorker:

    Fixed expenses, USD Flexible expenses, USD Unnecessary expenses, USD Rent




    Video Games


    Car insurance






    Car credit payment












    Phone and Internet






    Credit card debt




    Hanging out






    Total fixed, USD


    Total flexible, USD


    Total unnecessary, USD


    Overall total, USD


    Note that this budget does not include health insurance (i.e.Just keep an eye on the number of temporary job offerings posted and take note when it starts to trickle down.But McDonald’s is not the only way:

      Try to monetise your hobby. For example, if you are crafty — look up Etsy.To cover the losses from the bad debtors, banks begin to increase the credit interest rates.

      Benefits.Banks also do not fare well during a recession.Moreover, a stock has an intrinsic value of its own, connected to the public image and performance of the company.[Wallets In Great Ripple Store XRP To 11 2019]

      What changes during a crisis.Phone, internet, new clothes, gadgets etc.YouTube videos can teach to cook fast, cheap and healthy — i.e.This means, that the new positions on the market are not being created — despite the old contracts running out and people being let go.

      What changes during a crisis.It is a risky, but desirable and profitable investment.[To Grin Mine Coin GRIN How]

      Also, the buying and selling prices for precious metals are incredibly different.

      Bonus Indicator #1 — Gas Price

      Gas price increases are a good indicator of the state of the economy, but many other things can influence them too.It is backed up by the proof-of-work and operates on the blockchain — a digital ledger that stores every transaction and is unhackable.[And Logs Of Coinbase Observability At The Evolution Metrics]

      Benefits.If you buy at the dip, your house will become very profitable once a recession is over and prices are going up.

      How to diversify active income during a recession

      A recession does not just mean that your money becomes less viable.And even if all three go down, you will still have your investments in the market itself.[Public At PM Odisha Modi Meeting Koraput Addresses]

      How it works.The primary customer base for independent contractors is a small business — and a small business gets demolished by an economic recession.If you work in marketing, publishing, restaurant industry, entertainment industry and other industries that do not directly contribute to survival — you should start worrying.If the company is doing well, you can expect a sizable increase in your stock value.

      However, there is another, unconventional investment opportunity — cryptocurrencies.They are also an investment — and a reasonably reliable one since the world population growth reliably increases their value.[Current Price LTC Litecoin]

      NOTE: A truly profitable investment needs to outrun the global inflation rate of 3.05%.

      Government bonds

      Type of investment. Lending.[The In Harry Potter And Cursed Child Opens Sunny Australia]

      How to adjust monthly expenses

      Our exemplary New Yorker must have a decent job that pays more than the average — but that may change during a recession.

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      Get the best analysis of the market every week.

      It doesn’t have to be full-time — but even a 10 hours/week minimum wage gig will help you immensely.If you are a graphic designer, coder or writer — you might be able to get customers online.While housing loses value during a recession, it loses it far slower than the actual currency — provided that this housing is located in a popular location.[IoTBlock Review ICO]

      How to establish an emergency fund

      An emergency fund is your money for a rainy day.Due to the people in your country losing the buying capacity, the companies enter the cost-saving mode.They invest in all publicly traded US companies and thus grow at the same pace as the market itself.A lending investment allows you to become a bank and lend money for interest. Ownership investment.If you are watching out for a recession, start checking credit interest rates in your national banks weekly.

      Disadvantages. Horrible interest rates — less than 1% annually.Since the economy is becoming destabilised, crediting becomes a risk.And there’s a reason why they are becoming more and more popular lately.[Roundup 2018 Wirex]

      Benefits.However, it is not the end of the world.Nike has a more tumultuous stock history, but on the larger scale, it always does right by their shareholders.Your customer base will dwindle and lose buying capacity.However, it is more useful for market analysts, historians and economic researchers.

      Bonus Indicator #3 — Sales of the cardboard boxes

      This is a funny metric, but it is reliable.[Instamatch Corda Using Ripple Global XRP Platform To Test R3s]

      How to invest and diversify investments during a recession

      Investment is an allocation of money with an intent of receiving a benefit.You should limit it to some amount based on your minimal monthly budget (a.k.a.We are talking 1-5% annual interest — below the actual inflation.For example, it’s nearly impossible to see the relevant metrics for:

        Amount of unpaid banking loans; Revenue brought by the taxes; Amount of fraud in the financial industry; National unemployment rates; Amount of the outward migration.

      The government publishes the annual datasets for most of these metrics, but annual or even quarterly doesn’t cut it — inflation can happen in the matter of months or weeks.As long as you invest in large foreign companies, you will get your money back with some decent interest.

      If you need help in adjusting your budget, there are two great communities on Reddit — r/PersonalFinance and r/PovertyFinance, the latter more thrifty in its approach.You store money in the bank, bank loans that money to someone else, and you get paid dividends from that debt.[FatBTC Review Exchange]

      Disadvantages.While the pay isn’t good and is going to become even worse, people will need you during any crisis and will pay you for your work. The unnecessary professions.Ownership

      How it works.However, first, you need to learn how to invest.

        Cryptocurrency is relatively anonymous.There is literally no chance of profiting from a deposit account.[44TH BEACH AND PHIL AT038T TOUR SECURES FIFTH PGA PRO AM PEBBLE VICTORY MICKELSON]

        Traditional investment opportunities Name Type Interest acquired between Aug 2017 and 2018 Safety rating Profitable? Bank deposits (local currency) Lending 1% — 5% ★★☆ No Bank deposits (USD) Lending 0.6% — 1% ★★☆ No Government bonds Lending 0.6% — 1% ★☆☆ No Corporate stock Ownership 10% — 40% for recommended companies ★★☆ Yes Precious metals Ownership 0% average ★★★ No Real Estate Ownership 3% average ★★★ Maybe
        How to invest during a recession

        As you can see, the majority of traditional opportunities are underperforming even without a recession.You can also use a smartphone or PC app for that, i.e.Then, the budget will need to be adjusted.The stock is proof of ownership in the company — and a right to a share of profits.Jigesh Sarjaka’s commentary explains the reasoning behind them.

        Just don’t forget about financial security and common sense.These are the first things people will drop when money becomes tight.

          Double your risks if you are an hourly employee.For example, here’s how they recommend you save money on groceries.[Binance Charity Debuts Initiative Blockchain]

          Precious metals

          Type of investment.There are risks, and it may take a decade to get a sizable profit, but it can be worth it.

          How to check it. Banks advertise the rates on their websites.Lending.[Five Fiat In Draper Will Tim Obsolete Crypto Make Years]

          What changes during a crisis.If you work here — it’s not going to be easy. The small business owners.However, since you are dependent on their economy and not yours, you will be among the happy few not affected by a recession directly. The necessary professions.Amount you need to cover your fixed and flexible expenses):

            If you are living alone and nobody depends on you financially — keep saving in the emergency fund until it reaches your 3 minimal monthly budgets. If you have someone depending on you, it pays off to save a little more.During the peak of the crisis, the price of Bitcoin on Turkish exchanges reached 7100 USD — or a 500 USD premium.They will be devoured by the inflation on the next day after purchase.

            Credit interest rate in Turkey.Tackle your smallest debts first, decreasing the count of your debts quickly. By the highest amount of interest paid.Also, houses lose value even by themselves, because it will eventually need repairs or complete renovation.[Marketplace Introducing Technology Surveillance]

            How to maintain a budget during a recession

            A budget is a list of your monthly expenses.— everything that is not required for your continued existence goes here.

              NOTE: If you need something from this column for your job — for example, internet connection — move it to the previous two columns.

          If you cannot evaluate your spending categories and amounts — start a spreadsheet and write down each payment you make for a month.In December 2017 — your cryptocurrency will be losing value for a while. Cryptocurrency is legally grey.Instead, put it towards paying your debts early.

          Last year, a similar, but more severe, crisis hit Venezuela.In the last 12 months, the company has doubled its stock value — and reached more than 1 trillion USD market cap. Apple.Here are some companies that have somewhat stable stock price growth:

            Amazon.Which means that you should either stick with the safe choices, learn how to invest or hire someone to manage your investments.[A BLACK GARY SOUTH WOODS TIGER AFRICAN WANTS PLAYER]

            High Credit Interest Rates

            How it works. Bankers want their money to work.And having any debt during a recession is terrible since it diverts precious money away from your wallet.

            How it works.Conversion notes: * GD2md-html version 1.0β12 * Wed Sep 26 2018 23:52:57 GMT-0700 (PDT) * Source doc: https://docs.google.com/open?id=1fvGE7CMdPS0lMGTlKUOfipLE-0VQ2htdIiwkf-VTle4 ----->

            Economic Recession Survival Guide

            Since January 2018, the value of Turkish lira has dropped by almost 50%.While your local government may prevent its citizens from investing in gold, they can not prevent you from investing in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is easy to transfer.And yet it still goes way overboard the national average of 3030 USD net income.[Currency Mystery The Of Great Exchange]

            Why you should trust it.It also does not list any extensive debts.Nobody will know that you hold crypto — not even your government.You can also use aggregator websites like Money.co.uk, but they often have outdated data.A government wants to borrow money from the citizens, so they issue official debt obligations that you can buy.

            How to survive the economic recession

            If you have run the indicators listed above and they came back positive — don’t panic.Even if the debtor bankrupts on the debt, you will receive interest while the bank will swallow the loss.[With Ange Socceroos And Without]

            How it works.It pays off to keep an eye on large construction projects — housing projects, corporate skyscrapers etc.And you need these people to run a successful business.

            At the end of the day, it is not reliable enough — but worth looking at, if you need to confirm results from other sources.[Guide Recession Economic Survival]


            A recession is not something to shrug off — it is a massive problem that will affect a country for years or even decades to come.Which means you need a second job.

            The main trick to the stock market is to make the investments safe, but still profitable.Sales of stock or precious metals take time to set up.In 2014 it was Argentina, and it’s possible that an encore is coming soon.And since a recession is a definition of a rainy day, you need to start your emergency fund right now.[Litecoin Release V0162 Core]

              Tighten and adjust your budget if you can. Determine how much money you have left after all the necessary expenses are covered. Put at least 50% of that money towards the saving account, use the rest on unnecessary expenses.

            The more conservative advice is to put all your “free” money toward savings — but it leads to a loss of motivation and decreased income in the future.And if they bought in 2014, their investment has grown by 1000%.

          Of course, there are also disadvantages — but most people are willing to accept them when their national currency is at an even worse stage.

          Decreasing Temporary Job Market

          How it works.This way you will be safe from the inflation of your national currency.[2019 IOTA Summit Research]

          Disadvantages.It has to be done on a case-by-case basis, but here’s an example:

            Drop all unnecessary spending or cut down hard on it; Find a roommate for the apartment or move to a cheaper location; Sell the car and use public transportation (it will be hard, but they’ll live); Take your own lunch to work.Despite somewhat regular dips and spikes, the overall annual growth is around 40%. Nike.Construction, recruiting, logistics and some other industries depend on the healthy economy.Their annual growth also reaches 40% quite regularly.

          All of these companies are considered “safe” investments — you won’t become the millionaire from a single share, but your investments will outpace the inflation by a healthy margin.And each time the hyperinflation hits, the residents of the country are forced to either become broke or transfer their value to a different kind of asset.

          Despite its precarious nature, cryptocurrency has been an investment of choice during the last three significant recessions — Turkey, Venezuela and Argentina.Construction workers, human resources specialists, drivers, accountants and customer service representatives are the bulk of the temporary job market.Their stock price will drop hard with their national currency, and you will be left with a fraction of your investment.[Surveillance Introducing Technology Marketplace]

          In this article we will explore:

            The indicators that allow predicting the upcoming recession; The survival and budgeting during a recession; The investment and saving opportunities; The reasons why cryptocurrency becomes popular among investors during the economic crises.
          How to spot a recession before it hits

          There are many indicators that we use to spot the economic recession.Check the rendered output (headings, lists, code blocks, tables) for proper formatting and use a linkchecker before you publish this page.So while theoretically, it should grow, for many different reasons it just doesn’t.

          The best way to store your emergency fund is a savings account with instant access.Ownership.[Is Monthly Aragon 12 Issue Out]

          To check the average gross and net income in your country, see Numbeo.

          Where to store an emergency fund

          The whole point of the emergency fund is that it is available to you immediately — which makes cash the most sensible option.3.Whenever you see a necessity dropping in value, you can safely assume that something is wrong.[Might When Bitcoin Another See Rally]

          How to check it. Have a habit to check the housing price in several large cities of your country.50% is good enough and allows you to live your life at least a little, providing you with an emotional outlet.[December Wirex At]

          Profitable? No.In the last 12 months, Vanguard has grown by 20%.

        Using these 4 investment points, you can already design a basic portfolio:

          Invest 40% of your total investment budget in Vanguard. Invest 60% of your total investment budget in Apple, Amazon and Nike equally.

        This division is necessary to ensure that you will not lose all your money if one of the companies goes down.If it suddenly begins to struggle, then the crisis goes beyond a single industry and will probably lead to a recession.

          Vanguard.Now all your money is yours to spend — or invest into passive income.[Final Aragon Details Proposal Governance 1 For Vote]

          Why you should trust it.The only reason for that is if the people stop buying — and the only reason for that is an economic recession.

          Abandoned Construction

          How it works.Even the first time Bitcoin was really noticed by the mainstream audience was related to the 2014 economic crisis in Argentina.[MEXICO CONSECUTIVE AIMS SECOND CHAMPIONSHIP PHIL TO WIN WGC]

          Profitable? No.Multiple objects all over the country are a full-blast alarm.

          An emergency fund is a long-term affair.Unless you leak this secret yourself, which would be very unwise. Cryptocurrency is unregulated.This number is growing.[What Decentralized Application How With Is Metamask It And Works]

          Overall, there are 6 job security tiers during a recession:

            The foreign outsourcers.There is no point in tracking it prematurely.

            What changes during a crisis.And by following this guide, you will survive it and maybe even profit from it.[Are That Bitcoin Predictions True Now Coming Right Top]

            How to check it.Your rent and utility bills will increase because your currency will lose value.If you get fired, get sick, crash your car, etc.Cut and paste this output into your source file.Since gold is limited, it steadily grows in value as the world’s resources are depleted.

            Profitable? Yes.At the end of the day, it all depends on the industry — but most businesses exit a recession either bankrupted or heavily in debt. The independent contractors.You should be using this for your emergency fund, but it is a bad investment of your actual savings.Your taxes will skyrocket in a desperate attempt to squeeze more money out of you.2.It might all even out at the end, but the Bitcoin price tends to spike and dip regularly.Look up Upwork, Fiverr and other freelancing platforms.The single viable investment option is stock market — unreliable, but at least somewhat profitable.[Into Creep Cryptocurrencies Lives Our Did]

            Disadvantages.— you can fall back on your emergency fund to bail you out.You need some technical knowledge to use crypto.Just post your budget and your financial situation to either or both of them, and you will receive advice from experts or people who have been in the similar position.Investors give money to the construction companies intending to receive a part of the profit from the sale/rent of the completed object.Steer clear of them.

            Also, you should not be investing in your local companies if you think a recession is coming.For the UK you can use London, Edinburgh and Belfast — they are reasonably large and far enough from each to negate the local disturbances as a factor.Monefy or YNAB on Android, Expense and Mint for iOS.[Canada Awareness Introducing Token In]

            Bonus Indicator #2 — Stock Market

            State of the stock market is a reliable and easily checked metric for an economic recession.Electricity, water, heating, groceries, gas — all this goes in the flexible column. Unnecessary is for the expenses that you can live without.The stock is tied to a real-world product, which means that it retains value.Moreover, they begin to pull the money our, suspending the ongoing construction.

            This means, that once you are done establishing your emergency fund, you need to focus on paying your debts early.So pay the most expensive debts first, but if you feel that you are not doing anything and not contributing — switch to Dave’s system, knock out a couple of smaller debts and come back.[2019 41 Analysis 7 Week Price Weekly ]

            NOTE: Learn more about the history and mechanisms behind Blockchain and cryptocurrency history in “Why Fiat Money Fails and How Bitcoin is Better“.

            If you can see a nationwide stock market crash, your economy is already in shambles.[At 34 XRP Ripple Cents Liquidation Falter]

            Just like with the state of the stock market, this metric becomes apparent only after a recession has officially begun.None.Using this HTML file: 1.Value highly depends on the state of the housing market.And to attract more customers, they drive the credit interest rates down.

            Disadvantages.Not only will this money attract potential burglars, but it will also slowly lose its value due to inflation.[Fork Hard Need Know Ethereum Upcoming You The To What About]

            Learn more

            The post Economic Recession Survival Guide appeared first on Bonpay.

            Once you clear your debts — congratulations, you are ready for a recession (and pretty much any other disaster).Some countries — like China and Russia — do not approve of cryptocurrency and attempt to ban it or heavily regulate it. Cryptocurrency is complicated.So think about it now, and put away as much as you can.[September Market Bitcoin ATM Dynamics 2018]

              Diversify active income sources Establish a budget Start an emergency fund Pay off your debts

            Let’s go over each of these points in a more detailed fashion.

            Decreasing House Market

            How it works. Houses are a necessity — everyone wants to own a house, or at least to rent one.And yet, people kept buying.The rate increase in 2018 corresponds with the inflation of the Turkish lira.[8211 Moon Album Full A Heartbreak Double Now On Out]

            Why you should trust it.While housing remains a necessity, the number of people that can afford it drops.Also, check out the u/SuperSecretSpare’s guide to making extra $1000/mo online.

        Once you have your income locked down, it’s time to look into your expenses.

        Benefits.The temporary job market is necessary for many industries.That’s because it offers some major advantages over the traditional investment opportunities.[Prediction 2019 Binance BNB Price Coin]

        Bank deposits

        Type.During a recession, they lose the majority of their customers and begin massive layoffs.During a recession, the production and entrepreneurship in the country are decreasing.Expect delayed and missed payments, disappeared or bankrupted customers and a lot of headaches.

      If you are in a danger tier, you need to come up with some way to survive if your job gets shut down.Apple’s stock has been on a steady rise for the last couple of years.The main reason is poverty and a difference in financial judgement that comes with it.It is the safest and most not-involved way of accruing interest on your money.Bank deposits provide rather modest interest rates.StruggleMeals series by Tastemade.

    If you like the idea of cheap food that is good for you, check out Reddit communities r/MealPrepSunday and r/EatCheapAndHealthy

    By following this advice, our example can adjust spending to 2400 USD per month — which is a little over New York’s minimum full-time wage.Housing is a compelling long-term investment.If you put away $100 a week towards it, in a year you will end up with $5333 — or two-and-half months of the minimum wage in New York.Selling your craft will provide you with a steady income during a recession. Look into freelancing.In August alone, the price fell from 0.20 USD to 0.14 USD, and despite all the efforts of the official Istanbul it refuses to stabilise above that point.Or you can purchase gold itself and store it in a safe.

    What are the traditional investment opportunities

    There are two types of investments:

      Lending investment.An ownership investment allows you to purchase something with an intent to sell it later for a profit.

    Both have their uses — lending investments are usually more safe and convenient, while ownership ones are risky and more profitable.[ Sale ZCashcom For 100000]

    5% of American workers have a second job, based on the data from The Department of Labour.It is provided by the employer), car maintenance and irregular expenses like clothes and gadgets.Tackle your most expensive debts first, decreasing your overall debt.

The second approach is much more effective — however, Dave Ramsey insists that it leads to the loss of motivation.Ownership.

Donald Glover’s Atlanta has excellent showcases of poverty interfering with reasonable financial decisions.Working for another country is not all that pretty — you get weird hours, language and culture barriers, worse treatment and payment than the local employees, and many other hardships.Owning your own business means owning all the risks — and they are aplenty during a recession.You should also consider making this deposit in a foreign currency — for example in USD.However, even the most safe companies can lose value — which is why you can invest in the market itself.[Decentralized Ready Are Holochain For Getting Applications]

.To do so, you need to think about your stock portfolio and build it correctly.If you work for the government, or for a utility company, your position is probably fine.Just like with the corporate stock, you can purchase a right to own a certain amount of gold.Moreover, the previously issued credits that are due to be paid become much less reliable investments.Even if you get to keep your job, the company will start cutting your hours whenever it can. The boom-dependent professions.The whole country is in a massive economic crisis that is only getting worse.

Unlike the casual debts between acquaintances, the bank deposits are insured by the bank.An economic recession is a massive crisis, but you can manage it if you make smart decisions.[Blockchain Green To Issuance Bond Technology Bank Spanish BBVA Use For]

Corporate stock

Type of investment.However, you should still struggle towards proper solutions, to break the cycle of poverty.
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